Khasiat dan Manfaat Bekam

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Bekam adalah salah satu jenis terapi kesehatan yang memiliki fungsi bermanfaat, akan tetapi sayangnya tidak banyak diketahui oleh masyarakat. Nah, berikut pemaparan singkat tentang apa itu hijamah (bekam), khasiat dan manfaatnya.

Anjuran Nabi Tentang Bekam

Dari Ibnu Abbas r.a. Rasulullah bersabda : “Kesembuhan (obat) itu ada pada tiga hal: dengan minum madu, pisau hijamah (bekam), dan dengan besi panas. Dan aku melarang ummatku dengan besi panas.” [Hadist Bukhari]

Abu Hurairah r.a reported that the Messenger s.a.w said, “If there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is hijamah (cupping).”[Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3857), Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3476)]. 

The Messenger s.a.w said, “For every disease there is a cure so if the medicine comes upon the disease it cures it by the will of Allah, the Most High.” [Saheeh Muslim (2204)].

Ebook Penelitian Medis Tentang Bekam (BAGUS!)

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Penulis Buku :

Mohammad Amin Sheikho

General Supervisor 

Prof. Abdul Kadir John (alias Al- Dayrani)

Clinical Medical Research Team :

  1. Prof. Dr. Abdulghani Arafa, Specialist in Respiratory Diseases from Paris’ University and Hospitals, Member of American Society of Pulmonary Diseases
  2. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Takriti, Professor of Cardiac Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine – Damascus University, Licensed (CES) and microscopic surgery from Paris.
  3. Prof. Dr. Muhiddin Al-Saudi, PhD in treating Cancer Medicinally and Radiologically – Professor in Damascus University – Director Atomic Medicine Center in Damascus.
  4. Prof. Dr. Abdulmalek Shalati, Neurologist from UK – Member of American Academy for – Head of Neurological Diseases department in Muwassa Hospital- Professor in Damascus University.
  5. Prof. Dr. Akram Hajjar,  Prof. in the Faculty of Medicine – Damascus University – Chief of head diseases Section – licensed by American Board body in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery.
  6. Prof. Dr. Haytham Zoheir Al-Habal,  Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon from London University , Hospitals – Head of Eye Section in Atomic Medicine Center – Supervising Physician in the Faculty of Medicine & Muwassa Hospital
  7. Prof. Dr. Amin Suleiman,  Hematologist, Specialist in Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow transplanting from France universities – Professor of hematic diseases in Damascus University.
  8. Prof. Dr. Marwan Al-Zahra, Specialist in Neuro-microscopic Surgery from UK –licensed by American Board body in Neurological Surgery from USA – Consultant in Neurological Surgery – Head of Neurological Surgery section in Tishreen Military Hospital.
  9. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ghiyath Jabakji Specialist in Neuro-microscopic Surgery , Brain & Spinal Cord – Head Traumata, the Spine, Lumbago, Paralysis Diseases – Congenital Deformities – Head Traumata Certificate from Holland – Member of European Society for Nerve Surgery.
  10. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Makki Al-Kuttani,  PhD in General Surgery from Hannover University in Germany – Member of German Academy for Surgeons – Senior Consultant & Head of General Surgery, Surgery of the Digestive System & Its Tumors Section – Surgery of Hernias – Consultant in Medical speculum surgery from Germany
  11. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hassan Hawash,  Specialist & State Licentiate in Diseases and Surgery of Blood Vessels and General Surgery from Charity Hospital in Germany.
  12. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Afif Faour, Specialist in Diseases and Teatment of Tumors – Head of Tumors section in New Ibn Rushd Hospital.
  13. Prof. Dr. Riyadh Habboosh,  Ophthalmologist, PhD in Eye Diseases and Surgery – Specialist in Glaucoma, Myopia Surgery and ocular lenses From Russian Medical Complex – Fiodorof -Lecturer Prof in Homs University.
  14. Dr. Abdullatif Yassin, Specialist in Gynecological Surgery, Obstetrics & Sterility – M.R.C.O.G. in London – M.R.C.O. in Ireland – Obstetric & Gynecological Surgeon in London University, Hospitals.
  15. Dr. Nabil Kamel Al-Salek, Specialist in Bone and Joint Surgery – F.R.C. S. from UK
  16. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Nahar, PhD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Russia
Medical Laboratory Team :
  1. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nabil Al-Sharif,  PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences – specialist in Pharmaceutical analytic Chemistry – Toxic, Food and Industry Analysis From Brussels – EX-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy – Professor in Damascus University.
  2. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Samir Al-Nuri, Professor of Pharmaceutical herbal Drugs and Medicinal Plants in Damascus University – Faculty of Pharmacy – Chairman of the Association of Pharmacists in Syria – Member of Parliament.
  3. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahjoub Jeiroodi, Head of the Medical Laboratories section in Muwassa Hospital
  4. Prof. Dr. Fayez Al-Hakeem,  Licensed by the American Board body in Anatomical Pathology
  5. Dr. Mohammad Fu’ad Al-Jabassini, PhD in laboratorial Medicine from France

Penelitian Medis Tentang Bekam (Westerns)

In conclusion, the results of this systematic review suggest that cupping therapy appears to be effective for various diseases/conditions, in particular herpes zoster, acne, facial paralysis, and cervical spondylosis.

# US National Library of Medicine, (catatan: error margin masih perlu diperbaiki utk meminimalkan bias)

Dr. Katase from Osaka University maintained that Hijama (cupping) influences the composition of blood as it increases red and white blood cells and changes acidic blood into alkaline or neutral blood, resulting in its purification. It also cleanses the body of accumulated irritants that cause inflammation.

In the British Medical Journal Feb. 23, 1924 P; 352, Dr Robert J. Simons (French) has concluded that cupping is worthy of a place in modern therapeutics on the basis of following reasons:

After performing cupping, we observe that the coloring of the skin changes from clear pink to dark red, due to extravasation of blood from the capillaries into the flesh. This deep tissue blood falls into decay, the red globules break up and set free the antitoxins that impregnate them. Besides that, we observe extensive polynucleosis, which enables the patient to resist infectious pathogens. In surgery, cupping is used in the treatment of deep abscesses, boils, and anthrax after the incision. It draws up the matter, almost without pain, and allows rapid healing of the wound.

In the Internet Journal of Alternative Medicine. 2007. Volume 4 Number 1, it is stated: At a biological level, similar to acupressure and acupuncture, cupping therapy works by stimulating or activating (1) the immune system; (2) Enkephalin secretion; (3) neurotransmitter release; (4) vasoconstriction and vasodilatation, and (5) the gates for pain in the CNS which interpret the pain sensation (NIH Consensus Development Panel, 1998). Lastly, it is believed that stimulation of cupping points can lead to the pain gates being overwhelmed by the increasing frequency of impulses, ultimately leading to closure of the gates and hence reduction in pain (Oumeish, 1998; Cad well, 1998).

In the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, Vol. 36, No. 1, p 42, it has been written that the mechanism of wet-cupping is dominated by influences in neural, hematological, and immune system functioning.

# Dr. Sohail Zafar MBBS (KEMC) DOMS,

Seiring dengan bertambahnya pasien yang dengan izin Allah Ta’ala sembuh dan terbebas dari penyakitnya melalui bekam maka semakin banyak pula bermunculan Terapis Hijamah dari “Barat” yang menggunakan metode Cupping Therapy maupun metode Lintah (Leech Therapy) untuk mengobati berbagai macam penyakit, mereka juga menuliskannya dalam berbagai artikel, buku dan publikasi lainnya.

a. Alexis Black : Ancient Chinese technique of cupping offers pain relief without drugs or surgery

b. Anita J. Shannon, LMBT : Massage Cupping Therapy for Health Care Professionals (😉

c. Celebs Paltrow and Spears “Stuck” on Ancient Chinese Art of Cupping (

d. Dr. Nishi Joshi menggunakan akupuntur dan bekam untuk menangani kanker payudara dari artis Kylie Minogue serta menterapi Cate Blanchett dan Kate Moss.

e. Dr. S. Tamer : Cupping Therapy Beneficial in Treating Numerous Diseases (

f. Dr. Petra Zizenbacher dari Vienna, Austria, ahli pengobatan herbal yang menerapkan metode Cupping dan Lintah (Leech Therapy) dan salahsatu pasien langganannya adalah artis Demi Moore dan Gwyneth Paltrow sebagaimana Britney Spears yang juga pernah di bekam.

g. Hennawy M (2004). Cupping therapy and Infertility. Available at,1 Cupping Therapy and Infertility. Accessed December 2004.

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n. Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D. Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon : Cupping. (

o. Thomas W. Anderson (1985) : 100 Diseases Treated by Cupping Method

p. What Caused Gwyneth’s Spots (😉

# dr. Abu Hana,

Penelitian Medis Tentang Bekam (Timur Tengah)

Our laboratory performed a blood-study on (330) cupped persons, and the findings were as follows:

  1. Cupping applied on men who are over the age of 20 years, in the early morning, on fasting, in spring, during the second half of the month of lunar calendar and on the upper part of body back, we found:
    1. Moderating of blood pressure and heart pulse: where they became normal after applying cupping in all cases. This lessens the big loads tiring the heart.
    2. The blood sugar level decreased in diabetic patients in a concentration of 39% of its high concentration (level) after cupping.
    3. Rise in number of red corpuscles within normal limits in 33% of the cases, and remained within normal limits in the rest cases. This proves the effect of cupping in activating the marrow.
    4. The shapes of red corpuscles in the cupping blood were always abnormal in all the cases:
      • Hypochromasia.
      • Burr cells.
      • Target cells.
      • Crenated cells.

      Note: The blood samples were taken directly from the wounds before putting the cupping cups lest their low pressure may affect the shapes of the blood corpuscles.

    5. Rise in number of leucocytes in 60% of cases. This indicates that cupping operation stimulates the bone marrow for generating new corpuscles. The rate of rising is 10-15%.
    6. A very small number of leucocytes in the cupping blood in all cases of study. It varies only between 525-950 corpuscles/mm³. This requires a developed study to reveal the behavior of leucocytes in non-exiting with the cupping blood and consequently, the mechanism by which cupping operation keeps the components of immunity system.
    7. Fall in the count of neutrophils in the cupping blood.
    8. Rise in the percentage of lymphocytes (52-88%) in the cupping blood in all cases, while in normal case it should not exceed 35%.
    9. Moderate level of iron ions in blood. It turns to the normal limits (60-150) if there is a rise or fall in it. Rising of iron ions rate to the normal limits in blood may be ascribed to improving of its absorption in the intestines.
    10. T.I.B.C. was normalized within normal limits in all cases after cupping.
    11. The level of triglycerides in blood was lowered in 83% of cases having high one of it, and it was normalized in the rest of cases.
    12. The value of cholesterol in blood was lowered, in patients suffering of its high level in, 70% of the cases. This indicates an activity of liver cells so the liver performs its functions as metabolizing and discharging the surplus cholesterol and triglycerides perfectly.
    13. The value of uric acid decreased to its normal limits in blood after cupping.
    14. The platelets count increased – within the normal limits in the venous blood after cupping.
    15. Moderating of values of (SGOT-SGPT) in the venous blood after cupping.
    16. High value of creatinine in the cupping blood while it becomes low one within normal limits in the venous blood after cupping.
    17. Moderate level of blood ions (Ca – K – Na) in the venous blood after cupping.

    Note: the rate of plasma in the cupping blood was less than 20%, while the rate of the other components was more than 80%. This reflects well on blood circulation in the body and lessens the chance of forming clots.

    Note: the cupping blood coagulated despite putting it in tubes containing anti-coagulation (K3EDTA). This indicates that the cupping blood is abnormal.

# Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nabeel Al-Shareef, Prof. Dr. Fayez al-Hakeem, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahjoub Jeiroudi, Prof. Dr. Sa’ed Mokhless Yakoob, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Samir Al-Nuri, Dr. Mohammad Fuad Al-Jabassini

The research included 300 cases which have been studied by a laboratory medical team and a clinical medical team. The findings of the study came as follows:

  1. In cases of hypertension, the blood pressure decreased to its normal limit.
  2. In cases of hypotension, the blood pressure increased to its normal limit.
  3. The electrocardiograms showed a great improvement, and graphically there was a return to normal situation in the segments slide.
  4. Decrease to normal limits in ESR.
  5. Moderation in the red corpuscles count.
  6. In all cases of polycythemia (Erythremia), the value of hemoglobin decreased to its normal limit.
  7. In all cases of low hemoglobin, its value increased to the normal limit. This denotes an activity in the body and a growth in its ability in producing benign young red corpuscles which help in more active and effective transporting of oxygen.
  8. In 60% of the cases (cupped persons), there was a rise in leukocytes count within normal limits.
  9. The count of leukocytes increased in 71.4% of cases of rheumatic diseases. This explains the instant recovery of the rheumatic patients and those who suffer from chronic inflammations after they use cupping.
  10. Neutrophils count increased within normal limits in 100% of cases of rheumatic diseases.
  11. In 83.3% of cases of asthma, the neutrophils count increased within normal limits.
  12. Neutrophils count fall to normal limits in all cases of abnormal neutrophilia.
  13. In cases of heart diseases, the neutrophils count fell to normal limits in the rate of 76.9% of the cases.
  14. Rise in thrombocytes count in 50.6% of the cases.
  15. In all cases of thrombocytopenia, the count of thrombocytes became normal.
  16. In 50% of cases of essential thrombocytosis, the count decreased to normal limits.
  17. Glucose level in blood decreased in 83.75 % of the cases, while it remained within its normal limits in the rest.
  18. 92.5 % of cases of diabetic patients showed a decrease in glucose value.
  19. Creatinine value in blood decreased in 66.66 % of the cases.
  20. The quantity of creatinine contained in the cupping blood was high in all cases.
  21. 78.57% of patients having a high level of creatinine in blood showed decrease in it.
  22. The value of uric acid in blood fell in 66.66 % of the cases.
  23. The level of uric acid in blood decreased, at the patients suffering from its rise in 73.68% of the cases.
  24. The value of urea in blood decreased in 50.7 % of the cases.
  25. Urea level in blood decreased in 80% of cases having arisen in it.
  26. 80% of cases of high level of the liver Enzyme (SGPT) showed falling in it. This indicates that the liver has been activated after performing cupping.
  27. SGOT (a liver Enzyme) became lower in 80% of cases of patients having a high level of it. This explains the improvement that the electrocardiogram showed.
  28. Alkaline phosphatase (a liver enzyme) decreased in 62.85 % of the cases where it was high.
  29. The amylase level in blood became lower in 54.9 % of the cases.
  30. In all cases of a high value of albumin in blood, the value returned to its normal limit.
  31. The cholesterol level in blood became lower in 81.9 % of the cases.
  32. Regarding the patients who had a high value of cholesterol in blood, the value decreased in 83.6 % of the cases.
  33. The triglycerides level decreased in 75 % of the cases where it was high.
  34. (K) and (Na) ions became normal in 90 % of the cases.
  35. (Ca) ions became normal in 90 % of the cases.
  36. (CPK) decreased in 66.66 % of the cases where it was high.
  37. The red blood cells in the cupping blood withdrawn from the upper part of the back were all of abnormal shapes: Hypochromasia – Burr – Target – Crenated – Spherocytes – Poikilocytes – Anisocytosis – Shistocytes – Teardrop cells – Acanthocytes.
  38. The leukocytes count in the cupping blood did not come to one tenth of their count in the venous blood. This indicates that the cupping operation keeps the components of immunity system in the body.
  39. In 66% of the cases, there was an increase in the iron level within its normal limits.
  40. (T.I.B.C.) was very high in the cupping blood where it varied between (422) and (1057) while in the venous blood it ranges between (250) to (400). This indicates that there is a mechanism which prevents iron from getting out of the cupping scratches retaining it inside the body so as to take part in building new blood cells. This is possibly associated with an activity in the process of iron absorption in the intestines.
  41. (CPK) became normal in 92.4 % of the cases.
  42. (LDH) became normal in 93.75 % of the cases.

These extremely dazzling findings reflected too many cases of marvelous recovery which came as a proof of the grandeur of the prophetic science.

# Prof Dr Mohammad Nabil al-Sharif, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor in Damascus University,

Dr. Abdulmalek Al-Shalati, a specialist in neural diseases from UK and a professor in Damascus University, said to the BBC, in his talk, that the performance of cupping operations in its strict regular conditions on a group of patients gave amazing results in the complete recovery of many cases of cancer, paralysis, the problematic hemophilia, angina pectoris, Hodgkin’s disease, and some improvements in asthma, rheumatism, and other cases of disease. All these cases were confirmed foundings in clinical examinations, radiological and laboratory investigations performed on patients.

# Prof Dr Abdulmalek Al-Shalati, Head of Neurological Diseases Department in Muwasa Hospital, Professor in Damascus University,

Hijama is an alternative medical technique often resorted to in Anatolia. The West has now discovered this technique and, calling it “cupping therapy”, has even begun its instruction at London University…. According to experts, there is not an illness for which hijama is ineffective; diabetes, migraines, muscle problems, and even digestive disorders can be treated. How can a vacuum cup or bottle cure digestive diseases and diabetes?

London University St Georges Rehabilitation Sciences Deputy Head Dr Ahmed Younis answers this question:

“Most diseases are related to diet. In our modern day, the true ingredients of what we eat and drink is often unclear, and the consumption of fast foods is extremely high. Consequently, the body must deal with a greater number of toxins and diseases emerge. Medication does not clean the body of such toxins. The significance of hijama is that it is capable of such cleaning. The blood extracted during cupping enables the overworked connective tissue to be drained of old blood, initiating the production of new, fresh blood. The body thus becomes enlivened like that of a new born child.”

# London University St Georges Rehabilitation Sciences Deputy Head Dr Ahmed Younis,

Foto-Foto Darah Hasil Bekam

Foto-foto darah bekam, hitam, kotor, bau (must see):

Foto-foto mikroskop darah bekam vs darah sehat (must see):

Perbedaan Bekam dan Donor Darah

Tambahan : darah bekam = kotor, bau, toxic, gak bisa dipakai donor darah.
Kalau darah donor = bersih, gak bau, gak toxic, bisa dipakai donor darah.

Anda belum mahir membaca Qur'an? Ingin segera bisa? Klik di sini sekarang!

Issue Hijamah Blood Donation (FASD)
Point of suction From underneath the skin Taken out from the veins
Smell Rancid & rotten with a bad smell Rarely has a bad odor
Color Reddish brown to black Reddish
Vision Enhances the vision Negligible effect on vision
Cholesterol Reduces cholesterol, especially Triglycerides Negligible effect on Cholesterol
Weakness Induces freshness in the body Might cause weakness
Migraine & Headache Head’s Hijamah is best for Migraine & headaches Negligible effect on Migraine / headache
Back pain Reduces & eliminates the back pain Can’t reduce your back pain
Cervical Spondylosis At posterior jugulars is the cure for Cervical Spondylosis No effect on cervical problems
Sehr, Jinn, Evil Eye Powerful enough to crush spells of Sehr, Jinn & Evil Eye Can’t break the spell of Sehr, Jinn or Evil Eye

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